Ceramic coating


  • Permanent ceramic coating with extreme chemical resistance. the ultimate protective coating for paint. Ceramic clear coat reduces swirl marks, releases dirt for easy cleaning, and protects against bird droppings and UV fading.


  • An enhanced 2 step version of Opticoat Pro, adding a great gloss and slickness for a fantastic shine and long term paint protection with a 7 year warranty


  • An 8 mil, optically clear film, digitally cut to custom fit four car and the professionally applied to protect your painted surface. It works in complete synergy with Optimum Professional coatings and products
Img Window Tinting
Window Tinting
Starting at
$ 99 USD
Img Tire Pressure
Tire Pressure
Starting at
$ 3 USD
Img Shampoo
Starting at
$ 95 USD
Img Rims Polish
Rims Polish
Starting at
$ 15 USD
Img Rainex Treatment
Rainex Treatment
Starting at
$ 5 USD
Img Motor Clean
Motor Clean
Starting at
$ 25 USD
Img Head Lights
Head Lights
Starting at
$ 25 USD
Img Hand Wax
Hand Wax
Starting at
$ 95 USD
Img Full Detail
Full Detail
Starting at
$ 195 USD
Img Floor Mat pressure clean
Floor Mat pressure clean
Starting at
$ 8 USD
Img Clean Leather Conditioner
Clean Leather Conditioner
Starting at
$ 85 USD
Img Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating
Starting at
$ 899 USD
Img Buffing
Starting at
$ 145 USD