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  • Magic Hands Complete Car Wash, tires, rims, under cage with PH balanced soap
  • Rims deep cleaned, water pressured to insure all dirt comes off 
  • Interior vacuum of carpets and seats
  • "Dust" all door panels and dash areas. Over time, dust and dirt can build up around your vehicle’s interior, creating an unsightly and possibly unhygienic mess. 
  • Rubber Mats removed and cleaned
  • Interior / exterior window cleaning all glass
  • Magic Hands Hand-dry 
  • Magic Hands Rubber Shine Tires 
  • FREE air freshener  

Our Prices

Sedan Starting at$19.99 Vac. windows tire shine, air freshner (opt). Foam Wax (inc)
Mid-Size Starting at$19.99 Vac. windows tire shine, air freshner (opt)
Full-Size Starting at$24.99 SUV, Hummer, H1, Suburvan, Yukon XL, F250, F350 Custom Van, Etc
Floor Mats Pressure Clean Each$2.50
Foam Wax $5.00
Polish Rims Each$10.00
Leather Conditioner $25.00
Clean Leather + Conditioner $40.00
Motor Clean $20.00
Shampoo Starting at$75.00 Floor, seats, doors, roof, trunk (opt)
Hand Wax Starting at$60.00
Buffing Starting at$80.00
Full Detail Starting at$150.00 Shampoo, LC, hand wax, motor clean

You can leave your car We take you back to your location (1 Mile Max.)
10% Off In all details Wednesday & Thursday.


Hand Wash that's why we call it Magic Hands! Treat  your car with our Magic Hands wash service, we treat your car like if it were our car, carefully washing it by hand while you wait.

Hand wash using pH neutral foam shampoo and deionized water effectively cleanses without stripping the protection on your vehicle. Includes deep cleansing of wheels, door jambs, exterior glass, tire and undercarriage conditioning.